Outback South Australia



20 years since a flood like this
20 years since the punt has been used across the Cooper Creek in flooded South Australia. Enjoy viewing sights only seen rarely. The rains flooded up north and eventually they flowed down to the Cooper, thousands of kilometres. This wonderful rain has flooded the inland outback country of South Australia, bringing it to life. The outback will bloom, bird life everywhere, even seagulls.



We encountered some emus on our way to the Birdsville Track

The Birdsville Track

Where we found a couple of adventurous cyclists doing it the hard way

Doing it the hard way

The Track was an adventure in itself, navigating the many water covered areas and muddy track

Finding the road closed sign

Undaunted we carried on. There was the Birdsville Track. A road no longer. Perhaps a boat would have been more useful

The Track no more

Weird bubbles on the track

We set up camp

Then a bit of practice canoeing


Then real canoeing

Coming back

Four days canoeing

It was wonderful sunny weather. No clouds, cool mornings. A friendly visitor

500 kilometres to the nearest sea, but here are the seagulls


We packed up camp and made our way to the Cooper Creek punt for a look at this legend

Many waiting to cross over the Cooper Creek. No cost, free

Punt going over

An added attraction helicopter flights

Just made for two

Our intrepid journey went off okay. But it did rain on our way home. Vehicle got a trifle dirty